Senin, 05 Desember 2016

Can you save your environment?

Watch out, plastic bag with handle (Kresek) can kill you.

Now, People in the world are depending with many kind chemistry product. Part of them is plastic, plastic made from polymerization synthetic or semisynthetic. Especially black kresek, it made from recycle process. We don’t know about the material, maybe from pesticide cover, waste product of hospital, waste product of heavy metals, or from human dung.

Kresek is very important for us, now. Many kind activity need kresek. If you buy about all, you will gotten kresek, start small size until big size. After we make that, so we will throw it in rubbish box or away carelessly. Certainly, this is your rights. But you don’t think again about problem in future. If you know, world disentangle it need million years, so that is not easy.  Let’s looking in your river, it is very dirty, many plastic in there. Let’s trying think about that, what will happened some years ago?

Kresek  danger like bomb or meriam, equal can kill many people in the world. But effect of plastic is not direct, however for long effect maybe can envenom your water, your ground and so you will consumed that. And will happen? Many people have any sick and realized many kind of sick.   

 I don’t frighten you, but I only give some information about dangerous of kresek. Even we often see many people make kresek to covering their food. Really? That’s true.

They are not afraid? Ok. I will remember you.  In the made process of plastic, it made from recycle process with danger material. Because about dangerous of plastic, BPOM forbid used kresek as covering food.  When kresek in direct contact with your food,
chemistry material of kresek will be easy straggling with your food.

Now, after you read about that and you still overdose make kresek in your activity or in your covering food. So, I believe you don’t love your body.

How method to overcome your kresek rubbish?

You not can blame plastic, because scientist make that for help you, but we are wrong use that. So we need solution. Some solution are exist, but easiest for prevent together is reducing kresek in our activity. Trying think, everyone buy some food for breakfast lunch or dinner. When they buy, certainly they will gotten kresek. Besides that, they can bring their food not use kresek. But, that become habitually so that is not wrong. Starts now, Let’s try to disagree if the seller give you a kresek.

In my experience, when you disagree make kresek. Certainly, you will debated with the seller. Oke good try and I hope of you are good luck.