Senin, 05 Desember 2016

Jogja Is City Mewa

Jogja or Yogyakarta, is one part of Indonesia especially city in Java. And maybe all people know about jogja, because Jogja like a magnet for tourism local even international. Do you have come to here? If you are not yet, I suggest all of you to visit at Yogyakarta.

I don’t born in Jogja, but I wander and begin stay in Jogja about 1 month and I fell this is comfortable country.  Because in here we easy to get many event, beautiful place, culture, food and others.

Indonesia have two special region, one of them is Jogja. Government system in here like kingdom system. So Jogja is different with other country. Yogyakarta have one city and 4 regency. That are Yogyakarta City, Kulonprogo Regency, Gunung Kidul Regency, Bantul Regency, and Sleman Regency. Every place have many culture and destination.

If you traveling to here, you will get many singing beggar in traffic light. Singing beggar in here different with other city. They are a group, usually they use some gamelan traditional music tool for example angklung, chimes, and plucked string maybe other. So if you wait green light in traffic light, you will felt different moment. You can listen traditional music concert.

Jogja is traveler paradise in java, Indonesia. Familiar about Borobudur, Prambanan, and Malioboro.  Who don’t know about Borobudur? It is one of seven wonders of the world. So many people on the world come to here and see wonderful temple. Sometimes, many tourism visit Prambanan Temple too. If you lucky, you will get teater show about kingdom of Java. And the last usually everyone come to Malioboro to buy something for get souvenir, batik or other.

Not only about that destination, Yogyakarta had many beautiful place. If you want hiking to mountain, you can hiking to merapi, nglanggeran. If you want plays water in the sea or cave, you can go to Gunung Kidul regency, many kinds of beautiful sea or cave in there. If you want destination for your memory with beautiful place you can go to Kulon Progo Regency. And if you want get many culture so you must gone to Bantul and Sleman Regency.  

Ohh god, I am sorry, I forget “Jogja is education city”, why? Maybe in here, situation in jogja can make you easy for develop your education. Easily, you get university, event, seminar, culture, and other. So for you develop your passion is not difficult. Many institution in here, what you need? So is not difficult for you get that. Especially, for practice speak English you can get it everywhere, because in here many international tourist can you invite in your conversation.
Tips from me, if you invite tourist to your conversation, you enough to tell all about of Indonesia and contains. Certainly, they are interest. If you ask many question about their country, certainly they will get lazy to long conversation with you. Because, some of them more interest if you give them some information about Indonesia especially about culture. Certainly they are very interest.

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