Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Mojokerto is City of Mojopahit

I promise you know about Mojopahit, maybe in elementary school you have gotten that lesson. So I haven’t explained again because all of you are very famous about that. Right?

You are remember?  Oke if you forget, I will tried remember all of you.
You remember about Raden Wijaya? Mojo fruit? Tarik forest? Patih Gajah Mada? Sumpah Amukti Palapa? Hayam Wuruk?

How? Had forget?
How about Tikus Temple? Bajang Ratu Temple? Brahu temple?

Raden wijaya is first king of Mojopahit, he have built kingdom from a forest. That name is Tarik forest, which in it founds a fruit, that is a Mojo fruit. Because when someone have eat it, teste of Mojo fruit is bitter or Indonesia language is pahit so appears name Mojopahit. Maybe many people have identified patih Gajah Mada, Right? He is a hero in Mojopahit kingdom with sumpak amukti palapa or Gajah Mada curse for spreading area of control Mojopahit kingdom until ASEAN regional.

Mojokerto one of city in East Java, near with Surabaya city. Mojokerto have one city and 18 subdistrict. City of mojokerto is very small because only have 3 district. Mojokerto have any specialty, such as Onde-onde, krupuk rambak, sambel wader. If you gone there but will not buy that, so you have loss.  But the central specialty of Mojokerto is Onde onde, it made frome wheat, wijen, green nuts. It have shape like ball with cover wijen. It first made from Mojopahit kingdom, the first maker from china. Maybe in evry city you can found onde-onde, but you must know original onde-onde caome from Mojokerto city. In city of Mojokerto, if you have party you must give onde-onde as one part of gift.

Mojokerto is history city. If you want to study about history of Mojopahit, I suggest you to come here, because in here you can found many inscriptions, artifact, or heritage item of Mojopahit in museum. Others, you can visit some heritage temple of Mojopahit such as Bajang ratu, Tikus, Wringin Lawang and Brahu.So If you travel in some region of Mojokerto, you will found different with other city. Almost all gate of school, government office, or gate of each village built like as Wringin Lawang temple or resemble gapura.

That is not all, Mojokerto also have some nature view, many destination at Pacet or Trawas. You can hiking to Penaggungan Mountain or you visit to waterfall like Dlundung waterfall. But for sea, You cant get it, because Mojokerto in central line regional of East Java. 

If you visit East Java, dont forget come here. Mojokerto wait you all.