Kamis, 29 Desember 2016

Paradise Of Malang

Malang is one of regional in East Java. It is near with regional of Mojokerto, Pasuruan, Lumajang, Blitar, and Kediri. Malang divide into 3 regional. Those are Malang City, Malang Regency, and Batu Tourism City. Regional of Malang located in the heights place, so if you go there you will feel cool air.

Do you know about Malang?
May be Malang is famous about education city, because in Malang you can get many university and maybe you want continue your study in there like Brawijaya University, Malang University, State Islamic university Of Malang, and other.

Beside education city, may be Malang is famous about tourism place, because in there you can be easy to found many object in your tour. You can get nature vocation like a sea, waterfall, mountain, and other. Not only nature, in Malang you can get an unnatural vocation, like this spot photo, adrenaline games, and other.

Because Malang divide into 3 regional, so each regional have characteristic tourism place. Example, If you go to Malang City you will get to many city garden, city forest and food place and different when you go to Malang regency or Batu Tourism City.
Ok, Let’s go. I will explain you all about Malang, city of my memories.

Malang City
The first, Malang city is a central of Malang with Limited area and very crowded.  Because every year, many people or student come to study or work in here. Don’t shock If you go there, You will get traffic jump everywhere even every time. Malang City have characteristic, like city garden, city forest, and flower everywhere. For audience culinery, this city is your paradise. You can culinary at every time everywhere and in your money. 

Malang Regency
The second is Malang regency. Malang regency is very big regional with characteristic about nature destination. From south to north area, you can get many destination place. You want plays water, so you must go to South Malang and you will get many sea in a row. Like Goa Cina beach, Tiga warna beach and other. If you want hiking, you must go north Malang, you can hiking Panderman Mountain. And if you get waterfall or Springs you can get that in west until east Malang. Because Malang regency is rich about water. Like Sumber Pitu waterfall, Semeru Waterfall, Maron Springs, Sirah Sumber and other. So Malang Regency is rich about nature destination.   
Batu Tourism City
The third, Batu Tourism City is like paradise for travelling. This city have air cool. Because this city located in highest area.  Every holiday, Batu always feels very crowded, because Batu make available many place for tourist like Jatim Park 1, Batu Screet zoo, Museum Angkut, Eco green, Pasar Parkiran, and other.