Senin, 05 Desember 2016

Pure Mathematic or Mathematic Education

When you graduated from senior high school and you want continued your study in bachelor. Certainly, you will felt confused about your major. Many kind of major and you don’t know about that, maybe. So I want give my experience and knowledge about two major. That are pure mathematic and mathematic education.

Maybe in senior high school, you think both the majors are same. Actually, in university that are different. So don’t miscast in your major, because that is all about your future. Especially, in the work of world, both the majors are soo different. Ok let’s go

 Pure mathematics, this is knowledge about language, language for science. In here, we will study about many definition, theorem, and proof proof and proof. Don’t worry, we will studying application all about science. Maybe in physic we will studied about swell, in biology we will gotten about biostatistic, in financial we will gotten about assurance, and other. So pure mathematics is very wide, you must study hard in major other for you applied your theory. Usually, every university have more specially major in mathematics. So you will studied more than about your passion. Example me, I study more than about statistic and result my thesis about that. In my experience, based tools for pure mathematics are just three. That are paper, pencil, and brain. Just about that and very cheap. I forget, you must expert about “ngoding”. That’s like your partner, every day and everywhere you will thank about your problem and how you solve that. Don’t be afraid, maybe you need some times to become that as a habitually.

Education of Mathematics is knowledge about how you teach your students in the class about some theory about mathematics. How method in order that soo easy and fun. So you will studied all about how method you teach, and some based theory mathematics as material for you teach. In here, you will producted to become teacher for senior or junior high school. So in practice, you will taught in school and study to learn process and make RPP. Same with “ngoding” in pure mathematic, RPP will become a partner in your activity.

So both the majors have different actor. Writer opinion “Pure mathematic have purpose make someone to become scientist for expand knowledge of mathematic and mathematics education have purpose make someone to become teacher for teach all about material of mathematic”. So, if you want become a teacher so you must choose education mathematic and if you want became scientist of mathematic you must choose pure mathematic.

Maybe if you ask “Can I become a teacher if I learn in pure mathematic? “
My answer “You can” you must add your study in mathematic education for one year or you follow some government learn program, in Indonesia you can follow in program Indonesia Mengajar or SM3T.

Both the majors have similarity oo gaes. If you get question about "what is your major in university?" So your answer "Mathematics" so you will get replay "you are very clever" maybe "you dont confuse?" other "you have still?"